Friday, January 29, 2010

So you've been begging for an update...We gave in!

Happy New Year! it's been a while...

We Had a GREAT Christmas! Thinking back on Christmas...its easy to pick out our favorite parts.

Our NUMBER ONE FAVORITE of course was...
Spending time with FAMILY!!

We couldn't ask for two better families...It was FUN :) splitting our time between both sides. We had a great time at the Lachelle's sides christmas party where colin had the honor of being the donkey in the nativity. he got to wear panty hose on his head for ears and they could hardly get them off of him when it was over...:) The combs' family party was a success as well, we especially enjoyed the family progressive dinner where we do one course of the meal at each house...but our place got skipped this year for obvious reasons. guess we are still Noobs!


we chose two little girls this year, an 18 month old and an 8 year old. We really should have gotten pictures of what we got them because I think we went a little crazy- mostly on shell's part... she couldn't resist all those cute clothes at walmart :) We got the baby some cute dora stuff and several outfits and the other girl of course had to have a hannah montana guitar and notebook and some adorable clothes. for some reason all we ended up with was a picture of colin next to the christmas angels tree....

All december we had both been dreaming of a white christmas, but it was't until January that....


...Sort of. Okay, it didn't snow in Mesa, so we decided to go up to Sholow the last weekend before school started! We just chillaxed up at the cabin. watched a lot of television, went and got some good mexican food and some delectable fudge. Oh and we can't forget the best part...


We went to the alpine lanes and tore up the lanes. Shell was thinks she's pretty hot because she scored higher than Colin, but we all know that the guy always lets the girl win the first time to build up her confidence... :)


Colin: 76 Shell:102

So, Lachelle CONQUERED! AND she look Beautiful while doing it!!

Overall it was just great to be up in the snow, bundling up in the cold, and taking one last vacation before the dreaded semester of school.