Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Colin's FIRST amazingly awesome blog post

colin: "shel? whats your password for the blog?"
shel: "why?"
colin: "just tell me!"
*she types in the password and realizes whats going on*
shel: "you don't even know what you're doing!"
colin: "yes i do!"

Well, this is proof that EVEN a GUY can blog...

I don't think Shel got to blog about what happened just BEFORE November 13th...


Got to take a ride in the...

Shel went out one last time with her mom and sisters as a "SINGLE LADY" Now she can't sing that Beyonce song anymore... :)

They went out for a WILD night...I'm pretty sure I didn't get most of the details of what went on, but I'm sure they had a lot of fun!


Many many things have been going

on in the Merrills' lives since

the BIG DAY!

Most Importantly,

Shel became the newest member of

the Merrill Family!

We just recently went up to flagstaff. We had really been needing to just get away, and a ROAD TRIP was exactly the thing to make us forget about everything else!

As you can see, we had A BLAST in Flagstaff!! we got to bundle up because it was FREEZING and we got to see Cecily at NAU's holiday dinners

We had a lot of fun walking around

downtown and going into the shops!

And of course we had to take

advantage of some photo


This is my favorite picture of shel!

we found a bunch of cool spots in the alleys

We've really enjoyed being in our new place and we are slowly but surely getting everything put together... (photos mainly for the benefit of Granparents overseas)

This process should move along much quicker now that winter break has finally arrived!! Which also means that Christmas is right around the corner!! Shel decorated our tree which looks AMAZING and she is doing the 12 DAYS of Christmas for me! :)



  1. wow, your place looks WAAAAY too nice to be your first place. Its suppose to be a tiny dump you talk about for the rest of your life. So unfair :-P

  2. that tree is so cute! you are so good at that stuff shell!

  3. soooo cute! I can't wait to bea cute married couple like you! I miss Cecily. Hope she's doing well! Oh, and good job Colin on your post! Wayyyy impressed!

  4. Colin is my hero! You two are soooo cute, and we need to do something together over the break!